A Degree Worth Your While.

You know more than anyone that being a nurse demands time and commitment. At NSU, what you give will come back tenfold.

We aim to ensure that every Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing degree earned becomes an invaluable career investment for decades to come.

Get the NSU Edge

  • Sharpen your current job performance. Gain actionable skills and knowledge to help you stand out among colleagues.
  • Be prepared for higher-level challenges: bigger-picture strategies and insights you’ll need to navigate leadership roles with greater expertise and confidence.
  • Leap out of your comfort zone towards career paths and possibilities that weren’t open to you before.

Key Connections

NSU is at the heart of healthcare. Partnerships with major hospitals and other healthcare centers will bring you exciting opportunities to fund your education and obtain direct clinical experience.

Upon graduation, you won’t be alone; there’s a sea of notable alumni around the world, willing to help you dominate your career.

Quality Education

Just like nurses care about their patients, we care about giving you an education that counts. You’ll experience innovation while learning in an interactive and engaging environment. As a clinical student, you’ll immerse yourself in high-tech simulation labs using high-fidelity patient simulators, as well as standardized patients. After you earn your degree, use your educational experience with evidence based-research, scholarly writing and realistic clinical situations everyday in the real world.

Take The Next Step