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Student Spotlight - Stephanie Ehlers

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Ehlers was captivated by Nova Southeastern University's family nurse practitioner program because of its reputation of excellence in health care education, which sparked an undeniable fascination. Her journey began with a vision to become a compassionate and skilled nurse practitioner. The program's hands-on learning approach aligned seamlessly with her ambitions, offering a comprehensive educational experience.

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I wanted to be fully prepared to make a difference. The program's emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge research stood out, promising a well-rounded education equipped for the evolving health care landscape.

Stephanie E. | College of Nursing

Guided by Dedicated Faculty

Stephanie's growth in the program was profound.
"The faculty taught not just clinical knowledge but also empathy and patient-centered care," she recalls. Clinical rotations and simulations provided her with practical skills, bridging theory with real-world scenarios.

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Stephanie's journey took a unique turn from the program's strong integration of research. Engaging in research projects expanded her horizons and deepened her understanding of evidence-based practices. "Through my involvement in research, I've realized how important it is to improve health care practices and achieve better patient results,” says Stephanie. "These experiences have solidified my commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and actively participating in research that enhances the quality of care provided to patients."

Research and Innovation are Key Drivers

Among her milestones, receiving the Clinical Excellence Award was a testament to her dedication to patient care. Stephanie acknowledged challenges, like managing complex patient cases, highlighting the importance of adaptability and teamwork.

Looking ahead, Stephanie's goals as a nursing professional are ambitious. She envisions having a significant impact on patients' lives and families. Eager to enhance her expertise, she plans to explore health care technology integration for improved outcomes.


Her ultimate goal is to establish a family practice centered on patient well-being across generations.
"I want patients to feel valued and empowered," she says.

For aspiring NSU nurses, Stephanie offers sage advice. "Embrace challenges; they're growth opportunities," she says.
"The road to becoming a nurse practitioner is rewarding and demanding." Her message: stay passionate, resilient, and driven by compassion.