Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing

As a nursing student, you're embarking on a rewarding and challenging journey toward a career in health care. Central to your education and practice at Nova Southeastern University's Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing is a strong commitment to health and safety.

Accepted applicants and students are required to comply with university regulations pertaining to health and safety that will help ensure a safe and productive learning environment. These standards are detailed below.

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Background Checks

Accepted applicants and students are required to authorize the Health Professions Division to obtain level one background checks. Incoming students must complete the online background check documentation prior to orientation.

Once you've confirmed your enrollment for the upcoming semester, you'll be sent information and a PIN number to your personal email. This pin number will grant you access to the website to start the background check process. If you haven't received your program code and background check PIN number, contact the Office of Admissions for assistance at 1-800-356-0026, ext. 7181 or (954) 262-7181.

  • Social Security Number to verify past residences.
  • Criminal background search based on all previous addresses.

Level 1 background check shall also include, but not be limited to:

  • Employment verification, including reasons for separation and eligibility for re-employment for each employer.
  • Violent Sex Offender and Predator Registry search.
  • The Office of Inspector General list of excluded individuals/entities.
  • The GSA list of parties excluded from federal programs.
  • Checking the Applicable State Exclusion List, if applicable.

Your department chair or program director may request a level two background check during your term, based on clinical rotation facility requirements. If required, you'll be responsible for the payment. The program chair/director will provide the necessary information for completion.

The level two background check involves participation with FDLE and VECHS programs, including a state and national criminal history record check, in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation through fingerprinting.

Drug Screening

NSU's College of Nursing does not require students to undergo a drug screening before entering. However, a drug screening may be requested at any point during the student's program. For convenience, drug-screening services are available through NMS Management Services, Inc., or Castle Branch.

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Doctor examining student for nursing program health requirements

A.P.R.N., Accelerated B.S.N., and Entry B.S. in Nursing Requirements

Before starting their program, students entering the A.P.R.N., Accelerated B.S.N., and Entry B.S. in Nursing programs at the College of Nursing must meet specific health requirements. To handle their Immunization and Physical Examination forms, the programs use Castle Branch, the company responsible for processing background checks.


What to Know

  • Upon completing the background check form on, incoming students will create a profile to upload the Immunization and Physical Examination forms.
  • All Immunization and Physical Examination records must be uploaded by November 1 for the fall term and by March 1 for the winter term.
  • CON Student Affairs will monitor Castle Branch for students to upload proof of completing the entire immunization requirement.
  • Castle Branch will send weekly reminders via email if students are not compliant with any requirement.
  • DO NOT send original documents. You must keep a copy for your records. If you must send the forms to Castle Branch, send them via certified mail.

If you have questions about the mandatory Immunization and Physical Examination forms, contact Castle Branch at (888) 666-7788.